Epson has introduced the new Virtual Reality glasses The Moverio BT-200 which is a a android based VR system, with being transparent and having 3d capabilities .


  • With a 960 x 540 Resolution while being Transparent and having 3D capabilities
  • Also The new Moverio BT-200 features a front facing camera with Built in Motion Sensor.
  • With Dolby digital plus

With interchangeable lenses so you have the choice from optional shades to prescription lens inserts, making int compatible with every person regardless of eyesight.

Moverio BT-200 overview showing the actual glasses and the accessories it comes with.

The Moverio BT-200 come with an Android based controller with a cool track pad making you feel right at home for android users, The android based controller the Moverio BT-200 comes with also has a MicroDSHC card slot making it way easier to store more movies especially 3D movies which will come alive while watching with these VR glasses, the system also has Bluetooth and WiFi support.

With so many companies introducing their own VR systems which one will succeeded .

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