Five Reasons To Get Some Video Sunglasses


What Are Video Sunglasses Used For?

Video sunglasses are great for a huge range of uses from professional to personal. They are brilliant for specialist professions which require the covert gathering of information, such as surveillance in private investigation or for something like mystery shopping. You could also use them for reporting and interviewing. For personal use they are fantastic for recording special memories, places visited, capturing fun experiences, social or sporting events or proof of a specific incident. If you owned a pair you would find endless uses for these amazing glasses, including just simply using them to protect your eyes from the sun, as they have UV polarised lenses and look just like ordinary sunglasses!


Superb Features Of These Video Sunglasses

Everyone wants a clear image when they view video footage which these glasses will give you, as you can record high resolution 2.0 Megapixel colour footage as well as take 3 Megapixel still pictures. The minute size of the camera is a huge development in photography “on the move” and ensures that the glasses are still light to wear. Apart from the astounding quality of the images, the sound quality is amazing as it is absolutely clear and easy to hear when the footage is played back. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is charged via a USB, will give a recording time of around 2 hours.


Great Reasons To Own A Pair Of These Video Sunglasses

Ever had that feeling that you wished you didn’t have to lug a camcorder around when you’re out and about or that you wanted to take some footage without anyone knowing you were doing it? Well now you can forget those feelings as these video sunglasses will enable you to do just that. You could be just be going about your daily routine and then suddenly see something out of the ordinary happening around you. You could record fleeting moments such as this as well as planned events without the hassle of carrying a camera around. Remember the video camera will view exactly what you see so you can be sure of catching the moment by simply hitting the record button when you are ready, whether it’s for personal or professional use. If you want to simply listen to music you can do as the glasses serve as an additional USB flash drive. These are available to purchase online or on specialist shops on the High Street.


Don’t Miss Out On That Opportunity For A Shot

Apart from all the great reasons to own a pair of these video sunglasses there are features which make them easy to use, for even the worst technophobe. All you need to do to operate the camera is to press the start button and you’ll get the shots you want in an instant. You don’t have to worry about cables, wires or plugs as the battery takes care of the running of this clever device.


Straightforward Management Of Footage

There is a built-in flash drive in the video sunglasses which can be plugged straight into the USB port on any type of computer. Here you can view all your superb quality footage and enjoy!



Video sunglasses have a huge range of uses from personal to professional. They not only capture high resolution footage but also amazing quality sound and dispense with the need for cables as they are battery run. Get instant shots with one button operation. Plug the built-in flash drive into the USB port on your computer and enjoy your footage.

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