Many companies are switching over to a digital two way radio system because such

systems offer many advantages. For the uninitiated, here’s why and how digital radios are better:

Great Speech Quality

There’s no voice fade, no static, no noise clutter when you work with a digital system.

High Security

Scammers with traditional scanners cannot eavesdrop on your conversation. Digital radio sets are equipped with sophisticated encryption technologies that prevent any conversation leakage.

Feature Rich

Digital two way radios are equipped with the latest, superior Motorola batteries. These systems are also equipped with GPS tracking, over-air programming, emergency communication buttons, and can be integrated with a telephone if the need arises.

Direct Calls

Such radios can directly call other radios without anyone else (who is equipped with a radio) being aware of the conversation.

Extra Channel

Digital radios use 12.5khz and that gets you an extra channel at absolutely no cost. Analog systems use 25khz.

Auto Selection of Channels

Digital radios can auto-select channels because they are equipped with pseudo trunking features. You can hold multiple conversations without having to manually switch channels.

Battery Longevity

These radios are equipped with the latest and the best batteries in the business (Motorola). Such batteries enhance conversation time by anywhere between 2 and 6 hours.

Text Messaging Facility

Well, mobile phones are not the only communication devices that can send out text messages – digital radios allow you to send pre-programmed or written messages to your contacts (who are saved in the radio’s phone book).


You can use a digital radio’s IP connectivity (Radio Over IP – RoIP) to connect to many systems or command hubs. You can do this by working over an IP network. This IP connectivity enhances covered area and allows you to remotely manage the system. RoIP connectivity can help you transmit critical information such as a moving object’s location and speed of vehicles. You can even use it to verify documents such as bus passes. The wonderful news is that RoIP does not have any running costs and it is equipped in all modern digital radios.

Smaller, Sleeker and Affordable

Digital radios are smaller, sleeker and far more sophisticated than their analog counterparts. Advancements in technology also have helped reduce costs, making these radios very affordable.

Digital two way radios are now being preferred by most industries like transportation, public utilities, education, hospitality, retail and more. If you are still wedded to analog radios, now is the time to get off that fence and switch over.

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Justin Skidmore is a blogger and tech geek who uses two way radios for business and recreation.