The Kynez Cazlet iPhone wallet a very luxuries smart phone wallet while being functional, the look and the protection it offers it’s what sets it apart from other smart-phone wallets, it’s best of both worlds from looking cool to protecting your iPhone.

Model: US Size • Dingo Color • TIF Style • Cordura-Enforced • iPhone 5s/5c/5 Model


First Impression

The first impression from the wallet is you will love the way the stitching is done, and the thought that was put into this wallet really shows off the way, the compartments and the overall look, the wallet feels highly good in your hands, and the small details like the volume and power buttons are greatly easy to press.


Feel And Functionality


The ease of accessing your phone from playing games to answering a call the wallet does not get in the way at all, making it a truly comfortable to browse your phone. That being said taking your Phone out of the wallet it’s not a hassle at all-weather you inserting your iPhone or taking it out its greatly easy to do because of the fabric the wallet is made of.



The comprehensive stitching of the case is what I love, the stitching is what sets a luxuries’ case apart at my point of view, overall it’s what keeps it together. The power and volume indicators are very easy to see where you need to press.



Many other cases to power or set the volume you truly need to press sincerely hard that it breaks a nail, not with Cazlet the power and volume buttons are very easy to push it feels even easier pressing the buttons through the wallet rather than the actual device itself.


The slim look and the way the fabric feels in your hands to being the right wallet size just makes the wallet very convenient to have everywhere you go.


Cazlet Zipper Quality

The durability of the zipper is another quality the Cazlet carries , the excellent self-lock functionality of the zipper is what I love, which prevents the zipper from accidentally being slid.

As specified at  Kynez Cazlet page, they only use zippers from YKK, which is a Japanese brand which is globally known for their craftsmanship and durability of their products.

I really was impressed with the way the zipper works.




Phone Protection

The Kynez Cazlet is shock proof, which protects your phone from the edge to edge with the  absorbing foam. Cazlet  fully protects your phone from scratches to bumps and falls; the Cazlet also offers dust proof keeping dirt out from the headphone jack and charging port.

The Kynez Cazlet also meets the US MIL-STD-810G drop testing which shows you not only does the case look and feels luxurious, but it packs all the protection your phone needs.



Compartment view

An easy way to access all your essentials  each compartment does its job really well, which is a compliment to the  whole wallet.




From having the convenient lanyard loop at any time your require it, to store your Sim card and Sim ejecting tool to a compartment having your keys or loose items the Kynez Cazlet is the only thing you will be carrying when you are out, having everything you need  in one place just makes more sense.



The two compartments for your Sim ejecting tool and a place to store your micro Sim card precisely shows the thought that was put in this wallet, what I like about this is it does not get in the way of anything it’s just an additional bonus which I love.




The iPhone 5s fits perfectly and very snug which I love the compliments will start from day one, and the convenience and functionality and durability of this wallet are what really sets it apart from other brands which I give this wallet big thumbs up.


Want to buy your own Cazlet Phone Wallet visit their website at : Kynez



How To

Here is a video showing the correct way to insert your iPhone into the fabric-based phone compartment.

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We would like to thank Kynez for providing the Cazlet wallet for us to review.