Star Trek The Game Gameplay and Info

The most anticipated game Star Trek is to be released this year on April 23, the Star Trek fans will go crazy about this.

A 3rd person shooter let the adventure begin with multiplayer side by side and a real good possibility online multiplayer co-op.


star trek gameplay


In co-op side by side you can pay as Spock and Kirk, you will be able to drop in and play along with a friend, which will make missions more interesting and making mission completion more easier.


star trek box



Character behaviors: Spock is intended to be more stealthy while Kirk is more into firearms and shooting.

Completing missions will gain experience with more things unlocked such as weapons.


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Developers: Digital Extreme

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox360

Release Date: 2013 April 23




Side by Side Gameplay Video

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Star Trek Trailer

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